The Front Porch Church is a diverse expression of the Church, and it is our desire to live out the movement of the written Scriptures, growing from Word to Way. Simply put, what we are learning should inform who we are becoming, both as a community and as individuals. So our worship is living a life of gratitude expressed through joining with God to Renew hearts, minds, and relationships through Jesus. All are welcome to jump in with us, because to serve and share life means that you and I are being the church, rather than attending religious functions. Front Porch Church is a congregation of The Wesleyan Church, www.wesleyan.org

The Mission: To Love God and Love Everyone.

The Vision: Family joining with God to Renew hearts, minds, and relationships through Jesus

Front Porch Church gathers each Saturday, 5:00pm,  1050 W. Southern Avenue, Muskegon, MI 49441.

Who We Are

The Front Porch is a faith community that desires for all to experience the restoration, renewal and reconciliation offered through Jesus! That is why our mission is “Love God. Love Everyone.” And our Vision is to be "A Family joining with God to Renew Hearts, Minds, and Relationships through Jesus."

You can often find us all throughout Muskegon, putting our faith in action. We’d love to have you connect with us at our weekly gathering, Saturday 5:00pm. Learn More »