Music opens up the soul, and a soul opened to God can launch us into dancing with the Divine. Plus, music is just plain awesome and we all need a little awesome in our lives. Throughout the Scriptures, instruments announced God’s presence, summoned His presence, and was the element used in celebrating union with His presence. We desire to dance in that tradition, but to be honest, we like a little edge with our tradition. We glide from Blue Grass to rock, and then add a little cello and mandolin to even things out. Hymns, Psalms, original songs and a few anthems thrown in for good measure. Music is worship and music moves us in our worship, with heart, body, and the deepest cries of our soul. Who doesn’t need that? So gather with us at the Front Porch, we’ll turn the dial to 11 and always offer more cowbell.

Who We Are

The Front Porch is a faith community that desires for all to experience the restoration, renewal and reconciliation offered through Jesus! That is why our mission is “Love God. Love Everyone.” And our Vision is to be "A Family joining with God to Renew Hearts, Minds, and Relationships through Jesus."

You can often find us all throughout Muskegon, putting our faith in action. We’d love to have you connect with us at our weekly gathering, Saturday 5:00pm. Learn More »