One of the ways in which we seek to captivate and ground ourselves with the Good News of Jesus, is through Christ-centered worship. This is pursued through a weekly gathering as a faith community, where we listen and participate as God speaks to us through several modes of worship. We listen and respond to Him through our prayers, confessions, songs and relationships.

Our goal is simple, to keep the main thing the main thing. We are not a production company, we are the church. Relevance is not found in the style or trendiness of music, technology or dress, it’s found in honest expressions of our faith through relationships. People connecting with God and with others in their journey with God. So when we gather, we want you to realize that God and the church can be an authentic part of your everyday life.

The teaching will be rooted in the Biblical narrative, practical for every day life, and inspired so that you are encouraged and challenged to be renewed in Jesus. The music will act as an invitation for you to be unleashed in singing, and inspire you to open yourself up in the worship of a God that is fundamentally known, and experienced, as love. The people around you will be from all walks of life and are people experiencing the same highs and lows of life as you are. We look forward to meeting or connecting with you at the Front Porch.

We understand that connecting with a new church community can be an intimidating thing, so when you attend a gathering on The Front Porch, don’t give a second thought to what you are wearing – We are much more concerned about your real life needs then we are with the wardrobe selection. Come comfortable and come early to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a pastry while getting to know us more.

Who We Are

The Front Porch is a faith community that desires for all to experience the restoration, renewal and reconciliation offered through Jesus! That is why our mission is “Love God. Love Everyone.” And our Vision is to be "A Family joining with God to Renew Hearts, Minds, and Relationships through Jesus."

You can often find us all throughout Muskegon, putting our faith in action. We’d love to have you connect with us at our weekly gathering, Saturday 5:00pm. Learn More »