Crash-Graphic1It’s simple… we desire to create as much “come as you are” space as possible, for everyone. If you don’t have any back ground within the church, you have no idea about God, the Bible, or “all that church stuff, ” no worries. Just come as you are and join us on this massive adventure in finding and following Jesus.

We desire to live in passionate relationship with God, to express God to others by how we LIVE, LOVE & UNITE. We desire to be the hope and life of Jesus to our city and the expanding world around us. The Bible calls this meta-movement: Word to Flesh. What we believe, hope, and care about, we put into action. Real people living out the love of God, in unity.

As a youth and young adult collective, we are committed to “students lives” and are excited to see God expand His church through the youth and young adults of the Front Porch.

Meet new people, experience the God who’s making all things new, and be forever CHANGED! Join the movement this Wednesday night, what we call a gathering of the Crash. A group of rhinos together is called a crash, much like a group of teenagers together, right? When teens rally together and run towards God, then the adventure tends to get intense. Youth will participate in a range of activities which are built to enhance their relationship with God, with themselves, and with each other.

6th-12th Grades
Meets Thursday Night 6:00pm-7:30pm

Contact Heidi Decker for more info or if you have questions,

Who We Are

The Front Porch is a faith community that desires for all to experience the restoration, renewal and reconciliation offered through Jesus! That is why our mission is “Love God. Love Everyone.” And our Vision is to be "A Family joining with God to Renew Hearts, Minds, and Relationships through Jesus."

You can often find us all throughout Muskegon, putting our faith in action. We’d love to have you connect with us at our weekly gathering, Saturday 5:00pm. Learn More »



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